WonderWeb Media trains its students to become unpredictable. We feel being predictable as actors is the most limiting to an actor's reel life. Our constant struggle is help our participants to keep pushing their boundaries, struggle with themselves to develop their own style and not limit themselves to past or present day actors. We believe in creating a new stream, which shall storm the film industry in disbelief. Register yourself for a completely different and grounding preparing you for your reel life ahead.



To learn about all the elements of direction and explore and practice the perfect and delicate relationship between these various elements- drama, script, costume, set, props, sound, camera & lighting, crew, make-up, music and of course the blocking, WWM broadens your learning horizons and enhances your creativity as a director. To lead a team and that too such a large varied team requires a great deal of technical and on the field exposure to give wings to your ideas and concepts.
Train with us for learning the finer art of direction for web series, documentaries, TV serials, short films and movies.

Script Writing

Whether it is a movie, a TV serial, a play, a novel, good writing pulls the audience into the reality of its words and imprints an experience on the mind. Once an idea takes form, it is a script that shapes it further. A powerful script can bring out the best of an idea.
WonderWeb Media script writing program is flexible, engaging and profoundly applicable in today's creative industry, providing our students with the tools and techniques of script writing. We help our students to adopt a creative approach and fine tune their writing skills through extensive writing industry related exposure.



Capture those special moments in a novel way, know the best frames and techniques of clicking those awesome pics. Learn all the tricks of the trade- right from travel, pre-wedding, wedding, interiors, outdoors,events, formal, informal- learn from our team of expert and passionate photographers. Know the art of capturing the magic of moments and make them last a lifetime and even beyond. Our clear and practical style of instruction and the chance to practice in all genres of photography ensures learning every aesthetic and technical aspect of photography.
Register with us for a course that guides you from the basic to the advanced skills in photography.


A great anchor is one who is gifted with oratory skills that keeps the listeners engrossed and in connect with the ongoing program. With the upsurge in social media and mass media programs, the requirement for natural anchors has increased manifolds. Our academy rolls out anchors who are highly competent to take any event to greater heights. Be it anchoring for radio or television, social or corporate events, musical shows or informal events, our anchors are capable of holding the crowds attention.
Register with us for learning professional anchoring.



How often have you dreamed of seeing your own self on the cover page of a glossy magazine or in advertisements flaunting different products? Are you envious of the lithe figure of models walking up and down the ramp stealing all the limelight? Modelling is indeed a glamorous field which offers tremendous opportunities, one where physical appearance and attitude determine the course of your success. It does require a great deal of perseverance, dedication and the right attitude along with the perfect height and vital stats. With growing number of beauty pageants across the globe, the need for professional training and personality grooming has become incredibly important. WWM offers complete personality grooming and professional training for upcoming models including nutrition and fashion training. We offer professional shoots for making your portfolio breathtakingly awesome and polish your ramp walk through exposure in fashion shows and other events and in house productions. Our workshops include print, video and ramp modelling and modelling for advertisements as well.
Register yourself for a new page in your struggling career and for an awesome portfolio done from us.