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The world is entwined in the digital web. The domineering status of the internet world cannot be denied. Right from Netflix and Amazon Prime to the e-commerce platforms, all our entertainment and shopping needs and almost everything is fed by the internet. Miss WonderWeb is the new age beauty pageant that is all set to revolutionise the modelling world. It envisions the strength of the digital world and the impact of the web on our lives.
A creative initiative of WonderWeb Media, a media house that spots and promotes talent, Miss WonderWeb is the first beauty pageant that aims to cater to the overwhelming needs of the digital world. A pageant that is sure to set tongues wagging all over the world!

What is different about it?
For the first time in the history of beauty pageants, a contest is designed exclusively for the digital media, by the digital media and which is going to be held on the social media. All the contestants shall audition online, contest online and be selected through a live finale online round in presence of a live online worldwide audience. Now isn’t that awesome?!
The world's first ever identity for the digital world, a beauty pageant where beauty is not just skin deep. Miss WonderWeb is a destination of real beauty to be conquered by the one who takes pride in her digital accomplishments as well. A platform that recognizes the exemplary strength of the digital media and how women have found their calling through it.
Miss WonderWeb is set to revolutionize the digital world by forging ahead a new challenge that shall seamlessly encompass the social media and its impact on the lives of women in particular.
Our finale winner shall be one with unparalleled beauty and persona and one who displays great social media skills. The winner shall be provided with multiple modelling opportunities in various industries- Fashion, TV and Media, Hospitality, Airlines and Movies.
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