Mrs WonderWeb



Marriage has done everything wonderful to you. It has given you the love, the warmth and the care, the extended family and so much more to call your own. Now is the time to make use of your Mrs Title to give you something more:
The title of the First Queen of the Web World- Mrs WonderWeb!!
Mrs WonderWeb is a new platform to display your exemplary strength and exquisite beauty that seamlessly integrates your digital prowess in your persona to add another feather in your cap. Its time to show that real beauty progresses with age by reflecting the true colours of inner strength and vibrant personality.
The world's first ever identity for the digital world, a beauty pageant where beauty is not just skin deep. Mrs WonderWeb is a destination of real beauty to be conquered by the one who takes pride in her digital accomplishments as well-a platform that recognizes the exemplary strength of the digital media and how women have found their calling through it.
Our finale winner shall be one with unparalleled beauty and persona and one who displays great social media skills. The winner shall be provided with multiple modelling opportunities in various industries- Fashion, TV and Media, Hospitality, Airlines and Movies.
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