WonderWeb Babies



The cynosure of all eyes,tugging at our heartstrings, the real wonders which leave us all smiling and happy, our stress busters- Wonder Web Babies is a platform where you can register your babies between 2-5 years to get a professional portfolio made for your babies and as a bonus they stand a chance to win the title WonderWeb Babies- 2020.
The whole contest shall be contested online through a maximum of four screening rounds and the Grand Finale shall be witnessed live by millions of internet users throughout the world.
What could be a better platform for our young babies and toddlers who do not need to even step out of the comfort of their homes and yet be a part of this leading first of its kind contest to be witnessed by millions of people!! The winner shall be provided with multiple modelling opportunities in various industries- Fashion, TV and Media, Hospitality, Airlines and Movies.
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